Will imprint your needs on the location and any changes in appointment cards, then you will move on to a feasibility study with pre-costing project and you will be given the file describing the project Financing offer renovation. The tender will be referred renovation costs on what you described as your needs, how to perform, the time needed for the renovation project and the total estimated cost. So we know from the beginning if you choose or not to proceed to work with our company.
After completing the task assignment after performing a technical review by our technical department, delivered the customer warranty. Its validity is different for every product and every service. It covers any defects relating to materials or manufacturing defects, which our company is obliged to replace or correct, without charge transport and assembly. The warranty does not cover damage due to misuse, negligence, unless the defects responsible for our company. If installation or repair by persons not affiliated with our company, the warranty expires. The manner and time of executing the repair specified by our company. Below you will see the year warranty covering every product you can buy:
Furniture to 5 years
Furniture Wardrobes five years
Office furniture 2 years
Bedroom 5 years
Dinning 5 years
Living room - Living room - Sofa 5 years
Tables seating 2 years
Fireplace five years
Electrical appliances 2 years
For all services, we provide five years of good use and proper operation