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IF tired of imagining how it would be renovated your space.
Ensures fast and easy with (3D) three-dimensional design and visualization of your space by the team of experienced architects & interior tips utilizing new technologies and methodologies in order to implement the project to a definite result and not considered something subjective.
We give you a small sample of our service

If you want to renovate a pleasant space, without delays and wrong choices irresponsibly workshops
The secure because they focus on the quality of our processes. With the group selected partners operating under the standard planning procedures before we give the award to "Folder task assignment" which includes:
Visit Bull Recording Needs / Siting
Feasibility study - Budget
Project Implementation Schedule
Private contract award project
If you wish to have in your certified, eco-friendly materials
We make sure that we always maintain the highest level of quality in our services in terms of both raw materials, our products and production conditions, and the working conditions of our people and the impact of our facilities on the environment. View certificates

If you want to save time and other information which will be useful to market research process for the renovation of your space
Our experienced team of decorators are at your disposal to advise you in choosing your products from stores synergy (cluster) VAL Group for better promotion of your sites.
Furthermore, the customer support is with you every need or question
If you want to really ue for money market rates for your house but & your business space
Periodically our grant partners - suppliers bazaar products at prices really low. Also if you buy the package deal VAL discount ensured by additional coupon discount that you have given to all of our vendors and synergy VAL Cluster
If you are operating from a safe before every choice
Visit VAL blog and discussion group to see customer reviews we chose
For those couples wishing to open Wedding List (Wedding List)
We are at your disposal from the moment you visit us to serve you and make the preparation of your new life easier, more relaxing and more beautiful See more