The market package VAL Discount includes the architectural design of your space to discuss construction and decorative errors, suggestions for color changes, the decorative trends will be attributed to (3D) three-dimensional design and visualization of your space and to identify positive and negative elements on the direction, lighting and static.
In addition to the services mentioned by purchasing the package VAL Discount enshrines the privilege of picking up the extra discount coupon (VAL extra discount) * for stores synergy VAL cluster earning extra money from any purchases from participating stores Network.
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Procedures for implementation with the purchase of the package VAL Discount
During the process of buying the package VAL Discount completed the registration form needs
The responsible consultant telephone contact with you to schedule the first appointment in your area (in the next 3 working days from the date of purchase of the package) which includes measuring, photographing and discussing about the features that will affect the renovation of your space.
After you create the three-dimensional design, we invite you to schedule the second appointment either in our office or at your location in order to present the plans and decoration suggestions through (3D) three-dimensional imaging.
Upon completion of the second appointment received either electronically or in the form of CD:
detail drawings (plans, elevations, perspective 3D display)
analyzing costing for services & products according to the records of your needs
coupon (VAL extra discount) to purchase products from stores synergy VAL Cluster.
* The coupon (VAL extra discount) is valid for one year and also granting discount that you already have offers which is different in every corporate partner owned VAL cluster.