1. "Listen" tells you your soul! Choose colors that you really love and dare to integrate it into your space. They make you feel good and rejuvenate.
It's easy to change colors so often to follow the dictates of individual decorative fashion without considerable effort and cost.


2. "Read" the want of space in your architecture! Not all cases are identical and not all spaces are treated in the same manner. Low ceilings and small dark rooms do not want dark colors. High ceilings and huge bright rooms look awkward just by using light colors.


3. Important factor is lighting. Notice how the natural light coming into the room during the day, take samples and monitor change depending on how the beating sunlight in different phases.

Take note of the artificial light sources! Picking lamps with warm color to look warm colors and depth. The cold white light makes colors icy and space to show unworldly.


4. The paint surface, but also the type of affecting the color intensity. The smooth surfaces and shimmery textures make the colors brighter and lighter. The rough surfaces and matt textures absorb light and show darker and deeper.


To this end an important tip ...
Because the color contributed greatly to our location, get serious with him, read books and learn from various sites. If you consult a decorator who will help you.
If that seems wasteful, trust the opinion of the painter you choose.
If you do not have the money nor painter, never mind, follow your instincts. Take paint, brushes and rollers and go. In the finale, yours is the place whatever you want!